Cachaça da Quinta is produced at the Fazenda da Quinta, Municipio do Carmo, in the mountain region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in a valley close to the Rio Paraiba do Sul, at an altitude of two hundred and twenty meters. The property has a soil, a climate and microclimate that are ideal for growing cane and fermentation and preparation of products. To a particularly propitious terroir, rigorous quality standards are added to elaborate the Cachaça da Quinta.

In 1923, the Fazenda da Quinta has been acquired by Francisco Lourenço Alves, Portuguese immigrant, who introduced a series of care to the production process of the existing Cachaça da Quinta. His son and successor, José Ramos Alves, continued improving the care of the production of the beverage, maintaining the original production techniques and the expertise in the fermentation process, winning more and more the preference of the amateurs. At the beginning of the XXIst century, he transmitted his property and all of the details of the

traditional production to his daughter, Katia Alves Espírito Santo.

On the basis of the traditional knowledge and with insight and technology, she designed and realised extensive renovation of the factory, as well as of the brand visual identity and packaging and the line of products, establishing them at the highest international quality standards.
From 2009, Cachaça da Quinta won a prominent position in the best shops, restaurants and bars, as well as the preference of customers and specialists, first in Rio de Janeiro then in São paulo. In a subsequent step, Fazenda da Quinta started exporting its products to demanding markets, such as the United States, Taiwan and recently to England and France.

In 2013, for its 90th birthday, Cachaça da Quinta signed up in an international competition, and won, with its white version, the most important prize. It became the first Brazilian spirit to receive the Grand Gold Medal of the Spirits Selection, realised by

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, having competed with hundreds of spirits coming from all over the world, whiskies, vodkas, cognacs, armagnacs, tequilas and piscos. In the 2014 edition of the same event,

Cachaça da Quinta
, in its Amburana version, received a Gold Medal, maintaining its rank on top of the list of the best spirits in the world.
Cachaça da Quinta
celebrates its success story, with the satisfaction of the moment and the awareness that continuous work is the basis that provide the position and the high results, to fulfill the mission and vision of the company: To produce excellence for the senses, with the rigor of the tradition, the know-how and the art, aiming to position itself on the market as a cachaça brand with the highest standard and preference of customers and specialists.
Cachaça da Quinta is elaborated in three versions, all of them with the Certificate of Organic Product, granted by the National institute of technology.