The production of cachaça da Quinta follows criteria rigorously established and controlled : (i) organic cane field, involving the best techniques for planting, cultural treatments  and harvesting; (ii) organic fermentation, with cane yeasts grown on the property; (iii) slow distillation in copper still, to obtain the purest “heart”, being the the proper fraction of cachaça, with high sensorial and physical-chimical standards; (iv) two-year storage in wooden barrels - amburana or oak - and, from ten to twelve months in stainless barrels, housed in century-old building, of thick walls, high ceiling and terra-cotta tiles; (v) bottling; (v) fulfillment of best fabrication practice protocols at all stages.

Technical prowess, traditional knowledge, use of appropriate technologies and care at all production stages, storage and packaging, give Cachaça da Quinta its quality differential, with high sensorial and physico-chemical standard.